fear factor



the story

The country's most brutal serial killer Leonard Theodore Kramer has escaped from a prison for the mentally unstable stealing vital evidence on the way!!

The special forces police team still have no idea of his whereabouts

There is a £100,000 reward for any information leading up to his capture, as a group of friends you have heard a rumour about the house up the street. you all have come to investigate……

Your friend Charlie has already attempted steal the evidence but they never came back out

You open the unlocked door to the back of the dirty dark house, you all creep inside very slowly……

The door quickly slams and locks behind you and one of your friends gets taken…… you are now captured……

A siren sounds, the lights go out…… you all scatter into the nearest hiding places you can find…… you hear his footsteps…… he’s coming…… you now have one hour to escape Leonard's evil torture house…… you must collect the four vital pieces of evidence along to way to give to the police and put Leonard away for good!!!

Do not let him catch you!!!

what to expect

  • You are trapped in Leonard's torture chamber. You have an hour to find your way out, or meet your end in this room!
  • When the sirens go off, you must hide from Leonard in order to keep yourselves safe. Stay hidden until the coast is clear.
  • If you are caught, you are at the mercy of the killer. He is unpredictable.
  • This room has our top fear rating and is only recommended for those who will have the courage to complete it.