fear factor


Jangles’ Carnival

the story

Let all the children scream with joy
The carnival is in town
Where all your wildest dreams come true
And no one wears a frown

Eat candy floss until you’re sick
Come win a new best friend
Ride aboard the Clickety Clack
The fun can never end

But, listen close and listen well
Make sure you’re well behaved
For if you’ve come for mischief
Prepare to be afraid

For this is Jangle’s Carnival
And you’re never going home
And when you hear the sound of bells
Know you’re not alone...

what to expect

Experience carnival games with a twist in this room.
Jangles the Clown will join you on this adventure - will you escape his games?
Run from Jangles and evade his tricks to successfully escape, playing carnival games along the way.
You have one hour to complete this room - try not to develop an aversion to clowns!